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Interfaith Education Ministries c
laims to be located in the USA and was founded in 1965.  Their website states that they provide "certificates of measurement and evaluation of  educational and professional credentials and practices of traditional, nontraditional, religious and other online and distance education programs".

They also state that they are "a Private Religious Global Membership Organization, therefore it is not and does not seek recognition of CHEA, the US Dept of Education nor any governmental approvals of any country.  Informational links to CHEA and other organizations is provided to visitors but does not in any way imply recognition. Interfaith Education Ministries (IEM) does not grant degrees of any type." and they are "not listed with any government agency or the U.S. Department of Education, and is not designed to meet the needs of students intending to use Federal Funds" on their "about us" page of their website.

Almeda University is amongst the insitutes which IEM claims to accredit, which states on their website:

Almeda is accredited by several authorities, including the Interfaith Education Ministries (IEM) and the Association for Online Academic Excellence. The Interfaith Education Ministries (IEM) awards accreditation to innovative institutes who have established relationships with major corporations worldwide. IEM, founded in 1965, provides educational and professional credentials to qualifying institutes of traditional, non-traditional, religious and online and distance education programs of all types. Accreditation by this agency is not contingent upon being considered a religious institute. Although Almeda is not a religious institute and makes no claim to be, we do meet IEM's educational standards and thus qualify for their accreditation.

IEM claims to accredit the following institutes:

Almeda University

TAMS College-Toronto Academic Mission School

The American International University

West Coast University

Dorcas University

Bircham International University

Cambridge InterContinental University

United International University

Cambridgeshire University

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